24/7 Commercial Maintenace Services 

Commercial Maintenance should be an important part of all businesses routine. Keeping on top of problems with regular inspections and services can greatly reduce the costs of future investments. We provide simple and cost effective solutions to meet our clients needs, and ensure outstanding quality of workmanship and customer care throughout. 

Commercial Maintenace is often something only big corporations consider but there are many ways small to medium business can benefit. Initial fit-outs or refurbishments cost money and it is important that the initial clean and fresh feel is maintained for as long as possible and does not become dated.  Commercial Maintenance not only saves money in the long run but also can keep businesses ahead of the competition and improve the moral of satff. 

MGM London understand the importance of quick action when things go wrong. As part of our Commercial Maintenance we offer a 24/7 call out service to give you the piece of mind that there is no need for the business to stop at any point.  

Richard, Managing Director – For years we hired tradesmen to handle our maintenance. It was always a big effort to call around to find the right contractors to fix any faults and also the lead time tended to be a couple of days. With MGM Commercial Maintenance our minds are at rest because we know we have a specialist company that knows the industy and also offers a 24 hour call out service. Now we can focus on running our business.

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